Urethane Casting

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This technique works great for pre-production runs (Urethane Casting), marketing samples, test prototypes and low-volume manufacturing

Cast Urethane parts and/or finished products can be complete and delivered in days after completing SRM tooling (silicone rubber molds), and short runs of several hundred pieces can be delivered within weeks in most instances. SRM tooling can take as little as 3-5 days.

Anatomy of the Silicone Rubber RTV Mold Making Process

Silicone is cast around an SLA master pattern creating a repeatable mold. After curing, the mold is used to create cast urethane prototypes of your design.

Cast Urethane

Cast Urethane, RTV Molding and Polyurethanes refers to a low volume production method that produces parts from cast urethane plastic material for prototyping purposes.

From product development models and prototypes for short run products and clinical builds, to fit and function test prototypes and even low-volume production runs, this rapid prototyping process allows us to produce parts that accurately mimic the color, texture, feel and physical properties of injection molded parts. One of the greatest benefits of this process is the ability to over-mold existing parts or hardware with a second material


Brecher Proto,is focused on offering Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Production Services with great quality and cost effective solutions. Helping product developers turn ideas into reality.

Brecher Proto has capabilities in Additive Manufacturing (PolyJet™,Objet™), high-precision 3D printing, Stereolithography® (SLA) models and patterns, Fused Deposition Modeling® (FDM), CNC models and patterns, advanced cast urethanes, and Composites, RTV Tooling, Silicone Molding. These technologies allow for low-volume production of plastic, urethane, and metal components directly from design data, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


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