Rapid Prototyping

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Today’s markets make harsh demands on products. To meet these demands, the development process must address “The Four F’s”: form, fit, function, and feasibility. Form is how a part looks and feels. It includes factors such as weight and surface finish. Fit is the precise shape and dimensions of a part and its interaction with other components. Function the strength, elasticity, chemical resistance, and other performance characteristics of a part is determined by testing and depends on both the properties of the resin from which a part is made and the process used to make it. Finally, feasibility is a measure of how successfully and cost-effectively the intended production method can produce a part. All four of these factors can, and should be addressed in the development of prototypes.

Mass manufacturing requires a large investment to start, so the less errors your product has at this stage the better, making any change to the mold or the product at this stage cost a lot time and money.

This is where prototyping shines, prototyping is a set of techniques (3D printing, silicon molding, urethane casting, Rapid CNC Machining, milling etc.) that come together to construct your product at lower volume and at a lower investment, so that errors in design or functionality  are detected early and changed rapidly.

Big companies like Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft and more, all use prototyping in their products before mass manufacturing (microsoft prototyping lab), of course they have their own prototyping department with employees,engineers and machinery but aren’t open to the public. This is where Brecher Prototyping comes in, we offer this services to entrepreneurs, inventors, startups and companies so that your product becomes a reality, we can help you from conceptualization, CAD Design, prototyping all the way up to short run production, also we have business relation with manufacturing companies, this way we offer a one stop solution to your product development needs.

Count on us with our in house service of Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV), rapid tooling, and casting for small production runs.

How much does it cost?

Simple 2 part product 4″x6″x2″ deep with few internal details

Prototyping via injection molding often cannot be justified for start up projects.

The latest rapid prototyping techniques for product design

The industry we usually serve is the following: Sporting Goods Prototypes, Consumer Prototypes, Prototypes destined for medical use, Aeronautical Prototypes, Prototypes for the Military, Automotive Prototypes, Dental Prototypes, Telecom Prototypes, Short Run Manufacturing Prototypes, Additive Manufacturing Prototypes, Scale models, Architectural models, Organic Form Prototypes, Art Prototypes, Castings, Wax Patterns, Master Patterns, Investment Casting Patterns, Sand Casting Patterns, Small Scale Production Prototypes, Fit and Function Prototypes, Validation Prototypes and Marketing Prototypes.

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